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Become a Friend of BevCam

Let your neighbors know you support our local access TV channel.

Take an interest in our community and be recognized.

BevCam’s Community Bulletin Board operates every day from 7 to 8 am.

We post meetings, upcoming events, community affairs and other announcements that reach our broad audience of viewers.

At the same time we proudly acknowledge sponsors on our Bulletin Board as Friends of BevCam.

Here is how it works:

You can become a Friend of BevCam by making a tax-deductible sponsorship donation.

“Friends” receive recognition during daily on-air programming of the Community Bulletin Board.

Your message will appear every time the Bulletin Board runs.

We are non-profit and depend on the financial support of local individuals and organizations to augment our only major source of funding, which comes from our  current cable provider, Comcast.

Show your support to our community of viewers, be a sponsor and become a Friend of BevCam.

Become a Sponsor
Become a Sponsor