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Membership Application

Would you like to become a member of BevCam? It’s as easy as filling out this form and paying a small membership fee. Talk to a BevCam staff member about all the benefits of being a member! Click to download Membership Application (PDF).

Access Policies, Rules & Procedures

Please read BevCam’s Access Policies, Rules & Procedures (PDF) for more information.

Talent Release

If you produce a show that people appear on,  have them sign this simple release form. Click to download Talent Release (PDF).

Location Release

This form is for on-location productions. If you are shooting anywhere that is not a public place, the owner of the location you are at should fill this out. Click to download Location Release (PDF).

Producer Program Proposal

If you have an idea for a show you would like to produce on BevCam, please fill out one of these proposal forms. You may want to discuss your idea with BevCam staff beforehand. Click to download Producer Program Proposal (PDF).

Access User Request Form

If you would like to request that a program produced elsewhere is aired on BevCam, please use this form. Click to download Access User Request Form (PDF).

Producer Agreement

This form must be signed by all who want to produce programs to air on BevCam. It summarizes your responsibilities as a producer.  Click to download Producer Agreement (PDF).