Producer Overview Training – Walt Kosmowski

[run time: 1hr, 25min.]

What are a producer’s responsibilities? What is local access TV about? How do I get a crew? What can I show on PEG access? These and other questions will be answered in this workshop. Recommended for anyone who wants to produce a show.

Field Camera and Tripod Training – Kim Allyn [run time: 47min.]

This 47 minute video will cover the setup and operation of BevCam’s Canon XF100 tapeless field camera and tripod. It will include camera features such as zoom, focus, audio, automatic and manual settings, and wireless microphone. It will also cover the tripod setup and control arm functions. This video is a prerequisite to our ‘hands on’ class which is conducted in our studio and is recommended for anyone wanting to record remote events outside of BevCam’s studio.